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Stop Blocking Young Women’s Access to Safe Abortions

Update (10/25/2017): Despite the Trump administration doing everything imaginable to force her to stay pregnant against her will, Jane Doe successfully obtained an abortion. We're thankful that Jane was able to make her own decision - but there are many others like Jane who need justice, too. We won't rest until we have justice for ALL Janes.

The Trump administration’s anti-choice Office of Refugee Resettlement Director Scott Lloyd is systemically and illegally denying young immigrant women their rights to safe abortion care.

The administration went as far as to claim that “there is no constitutional right” for an immigrant minor to get an abortion while in federal custody.

Forcing young women to undergo pregnancies against their will? This is not only clearly unconstitutional – it’s unconscionable.

We took Lloyd and the administration to court for blocking a 17-year-old, immigrant woman, “Jane Doe,” from getting an abortion after a judge ruled that she could. The court said it was “astounded” by the government’s position and agreed with us immediately: forcing a young woman to carry a pregnancy to term against her will violates the U.S. constitution and is clearly illegal.

But the Trump administration is still preventing Jane from getting the abortion she needs. They’ve appealed the judge’s order, so we’re going back to court to seek justice for Jane.

Jane Doe’s story is not isolated. The administration’s no-abortion policy applies to all unaccompanied immigrant youth in its custody, and many have horrifyingly similar stories.

That’s why we need you to speak up. We have to change the administration’s brutal policy about the health of young immigrant women. What kind of country will we be if we allow this to continue?

The administration must stop forcing its ideological agenda, driven by personal religious views, on young people in its charge.

Tell Scott Lloyd and the Office of Refugee Resettlement to stop breaking the law and stop denying young immigrant women their constitutional right to safe abortion care.

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To Office of Refugee Resettlement Director Scott Lloyd:

Stop blocking young immigrant women from safe and legal abortion care. It is unconstitutional and unconscionable to force young women to continue a pregnancy against their will, no matter their documentation status.

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