Photo: A border patrol agent stands on top of an ATV with binoculars

Tell Congress: Resist Trump's deportation force!

Between now and December, congress needs to decide whether they will grant the Trump administration the resources they want to further militarize our border and fund Trump's deportation force.

This administration has already unleashed a deportation force of heavily armed, poorly trained ICE and border patrol agents. Left unchecked, agents have torn families apart, intimidated victims from accessing justice in courts, and racially profiled New Mexicans.

President Trump is already carrying out his threat to hold 800,000 DACA recipients' lives hostage, treating them and their families like bargaining chips to fulfill his plans to expand his deportation force, increase mass incarceration of immigrants, and construct new border barriers that threaten wildlife and directly contribute to migrant deaths.

Your New Mexican members of congress need to stand up to President Trump and refuse to give him any money towards more border militarization that trades the safety of DREAMers for the safety of their families and border residents.

1,328 Signed 1,500 Needed

To Senators Heinrich and Udall and Representative Pearce,

President Trump's border wall obsession was never about rational national security policy. It's about fueling racial bias against immigrants and border communities.

His proposals to build a wall, hire more deportation agents, or expand the incarceration of immigrants threaten our values and core constitutional protections of fairness and justice.

Will you commit to blocking any increased funding for border militarization? Tell President Trump, "No boots, no beds, and no walls."

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