Tell President Obama: End Unlawful Killing

Liberty Drones

President Obama has repeatedly made promises to end the ‘global war’ approach that has come to define American national security policy.

But today, the U.S. government continues an unlawful ‘targeted killing’ program that has reportedly killed thousands, many far from any battlefield, including small children and elderly grandparents. We know that four of the people killed in this program were American citizens but the government refuses to tell us who the rest of the dead are.

The killing program is causing real harm, but the legal rules and factual basis for the program continue to be hidden from scrutiny by the American people. And the government is fighting hard to prevent due process for the dead American citizens, including a 16-year-old boy whom no one has accused of wrongdoing.

In recent speeches, the president himself promised to rein in the program and also provide greater transparency and oversight. So it’s up to us to hold him accountable for his promises.

Now is the time to call on President Obama to put an end to the unlawful killing of people far from any battlefield, be transparent about the rules for this program, and be clear about who has been killed, and why.

15,936 Signed 20,000 Needed

To President Obama:

Recommit to the rule of law and put an end to the unlawful killing program in which so many people have been killed far from any battlefield, including American citizens.

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