Support Fairness and Equality for All Nebraskans - Sign the Equality Agenda Petition!

Nebraska's motto of "Equality Before the Law" rings more truly after historic wins for the freedom to marry and an end to the painful discrimination against LGBT foster parents in our state. While we reflect and celebrate these victories we renew our commitment to keep fighting to ensure no Nebraskans are discriminated against simply because of who they are or who they love.

For example, in Nebraska it is still legal to fire someone because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, to deny someone housing, to deny someone public accommodations, mental health care professionals have a license to discriminate when LGBT Nebraskans seek treatment or referrals for mental health care, and transgender students have no clear policy to ensure they can compete in extracurricular activities.

Join the ACLU in asking Nebraska policymakers to support an Equality Agenda for all Nebraskans.

No one should be discriminated against because of who they are or who they love. Please support equality and fairness in Nebraska. Please support policies that value strong families, ensure workplaces free of discrimination, that provide equal access to health care, and educational and economic opportunity for all Nebraskans. Please do all you can to ensure the rights of all Nebraskans are respected by all Nebraskans.

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