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It will help educate Mississippians about discrimination against gay and transgender people.

The ACLU of Mississippi is collecting stories from LGBT Mississippians who have experienced discrimination. We also want to hear from allies who believe in the values of hard work, freedom, and opportunity, and agree it’s time to end discrimination against LGBT people across the state. Whether you identify as LGBT or as an ally, your voice matters.

Have you been discriminated against at work for being LGBT? Have you ever been denied housing because of your sexual orientation or gender identity? Have you been refused service in a restaurant or other public business because of who you are? Stories of discrimination help us make clear that the lack of legal protections impacts LGBT people every day.

Use the form below to share your story and help make the case that Mississippians from all walks of life believe in protecting our LGBT neighbors from discrimination. We may follow up with you for more information. Please review our disclaimer.

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This form is not a solicitation or an offer by the ACLU of Mississippi to represent you. We cannot promise you that the information you provide will lead to any specific action on the part of the ACLU of Mississippi.

If you fill out this complaint form, you agree that the ACLU of Mississippi or the national American Civil Liberties Union may use the information you give us, as long as we don’t include your name or email address, for one or more of the following purposes: (1) legislative testimony; (2) litigation; (3) contacting a city, state or federal agency; or (4) telling your story to the public, including the media. If the ACLU of Mississippi or the American Civil Liberties Union wants to identify you, we will contact you prior to doing so.

We will keep your name and email confidential unless you give us permission to use it or unless we are ordered to turn it over by a court (although we will attempt to prevent any disclosure).