Keep It Constitutional

Keep It Constitutional

For 96 years, the ACLU hasn’t taken sides in an election. And we’re not starting now.

We have a job to do when people’s rights are on the line. When dangerous political ideas threaten liberty and justice, we get to work.

It’s an all-hands-on-deck moment if a president demonstrates blatant disregard for the Constitution and spews a particularly virulent form of bigotry.

We’re talking, of course, about Donald Trump. His campaign has exposed an ugly undercurrent of intolerance and ignorance that the ACLU has been fighting for years. You can see it in in the dangerous proposals that he put forward to ban Muslims from America based on their religious beliefs, to round up and deport millions of people who are undocumented, and to punish doctors who help women exercise their constitutionally-protected reproductive rights.

If Donald Trump or any other elected official seeks to undermine freedom of the press, shows utter disregard for the separation of powers, or makes a mockery of judicial independence, they better be prepared to take on the ACLU.

Take a stand. Hold all elected officials accountable to American values of liberty and justice.

26,099 Signed 30,000 Needed

I pledge to speak up, stand up, call out, and hold elected officials and candidates accountable to the Constitution. Trying to win an election is no excuse to disregard or dismiss the Bill of Rights.

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