Keep Students Safe

keep students safe ms

Our students deserve better. Mississippi is one of five states that does not have any regulations or guidelines about the use of restraint and seclusion in schools. Sign your name to support safe alternatives to restraint and seclusion and the development of a statewide policy.

Restraint and seclusion are disproportionately used on students with disabilities and students of color, hurting some of our most vulnerable children rather than protecting them. This excessive use of force is being used at an alarming rate and pushing kids in to the School-to-Prison Pipeline.

The facts:

  • Students with disabilities are six times as likely to be physically restrained at school, compared to non-disabled students.
  • Students of color with disabilities are twice as likely to be secluded or restrained.
  • 50% of students with disabilities are male, but they make up 70% of students restrained or secluded.
  • Though only 21% of students with disabilities are African-American, they make up 44% of students with disabilities subject to restraint.
  • 86% of African American students with disabilities are male.
  • 24% of students without disabilities are Hispanic, but they make up 42% of non-disabled children subject to seclusion.

Students who have disabilities and belong to racial minorities are more likely to be subjected to this type of abuse, which is a violation of their right to nondiscrimination in education.

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