Congress, keep DC Fair

Open for business means open for everyone

Elected officials around the country are trying to pass awful laws that sweep away the rights of women, LGBT people, and other communities already vulnerable to discrimination – under the guise of protecting religion or personal belief.

Next up? Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital! Congress is threatening to roll back crucial protections by sneaking discriminatory measures into high-priority federal budget bills.

This would have grim consequences for many D.C. residents that could become a model for the rest of the country:

After teaching for 30 years at a Catholic high school, Jack could be fired because he and his wife Emily are using in-vitro fertilization to try to get pregnant.

Together, we’ve defeated discriminatory bills in Florida, Missouri, Georgia, Nevada, Montana, and Maine.

If we rally enough support to pressure Congress, we can protect D.C. from becoming the next hotbed for unfair treatment.

10,062 Signed 20,000 Needed

To Congress:

Protect the rights of women and LGBT people from discrimination under the guise of religion or personal belief.

Do not misuse the appropriations process to overturn crucial anti-discrimination protections the District of Columbia.


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