Hey! Do you use the Internet?

The things we do and say online leave behind ever-growing trails of personal information. With every click, we entrust our conversations, emails, photos, location information and much more to companies like Facebook, Google and Yahoo. But what happens when the government asks these companies to hand over their users' private information?

Act now to tell the Internet companies that you use that you expect them to stand with you and protect your privacy.

As stewards of our digital lives, companies are the first line of defense when it comes to keeping private information private. Companies should:

  • Tell you when the government is asking for your information so that you can protect yourself;
  • Disclose how often they share information with the government;
  • Stand up for user privacy in the courts and in Congress. Most urgently, companies should advocate for an update to the outdated Electronic Privacy Communications Act (ECPA) which was passed in 1986, before the Internet as we know it today even existed.
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