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Follow court orders

The election is just weeks away. Early voting is already underway. Yet some states are putting eligible voters at risk of not being able to cast a ballot.

We’ve had major legal victories this year for voters in Wisconsin, Kansas, and Ohio. But some state officials are engaging in foot-dragging, failure to implement, and follow-up lawsuits.

Hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin voters lack the ID that they need to vote under the state’s restrictive voter ID law. And the DMV has reportedly told some potential voters that it’s impossible to get free IDs in time to vote on Election Day.

Kansas’ Secretary of State narrowly avoided being found in contempt of court after agreeing at the last-minute to properly implement multiple rulings requiring that motor-voter applicants be given proper notice that they are registered to vote. But the state continued to publish misleading information online about the requirements for registering in the state.

A victory in an Ohio court determined that a voter purge conducted by the Secretary of State was illegal, paving the way to restore tens of thousands of purged voters to the rolls. But the state initially refused to permit vast numbers of these voters to use regular ballots, and is already refusing to send them absentee ballots.

Time is running out – we must make sure these states uphold the law and let people vote.

Tell Wisconsin, Kansas, and Ohio leaders to implement court orders and ensure all eligible voters can make their voices heard.

19,547 Signed 20,000 Needed

To Secretaries of State Kris Kobach and Jon Husted and Governor Scott Walker:

Creating delays that prevent people from exercising their right to vote is unacceptable. Ensure expedited implementation of court orders so that all eligible voters in your states can get to the polls.

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