Governor Haslam: No More Tax Dollars for CCA's Dirty Business

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Do you know the CCA?

It's the company that makes $1.7 billion in taxpayer money each year for imprisoning people. It’s the Corrections Corporation of America.

And because the United States puts more people in jail than any country on earth, business is booming.

Of course, it also helps their bottom line that many states have given the CCA sweetheart deals—such as contracts that force the government to pay extra money if any less than 90% of prison beds are full. Even worse, many of the CCA’s prisons are understaffed and plagued by horrific cases of prisoner abuse and neglect.

But right now, states from Texas to Kentucky are waking up to this injustice and canceling their contracts with these prison profiteers. So we’re going to turn up the heat and bring the fight to the state where the CCA makes it home: Tennessee.

If we can chip away at the CCA’s public image and push Governor Haslam to end contracts with them in their home state, it will have a ripple effect across the country.

Sign the petition calling on Governor Haslam to end CCA contracts and let’s stop filling their pockets with our tax dollars.

26,205 Signed 30,000 Needed

Governor Haslam:

For far too long, Tennessee has given tens of millions of tax dollars to the Corrections Corporation of America. Our scarce public resources shouldn’t be going to a for-profit prison company with a horrific track record of abuse, neglect, and mismanagement.

Texas, Idaho, Mississippi and Kentucky have ended their contracts with the Corrections Corporation of America. Tennessee must do the same.​

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