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Congress: Be Bold, End Hyde

For too long, politicians have interfered in women’s health decisions. The Hyde Amendment is one of the most nefarious examples. This appropriations rider bans insurance coverage for abortion care in almost all cases by restricting coverage for abortion for Medicaid-qualified people and others who access their health insurance through the federal government. It specifically – and deliberately – harms low-income women.

Introduced 40 years ago by the late Rep. Henry Hyde, this restriction is a targeted attack on the reproductive freedom of people who live paycheck to paycheck. Anti-choice politicians have written the Hyde restriction into Congressional appropriations language every year since 1976.

But Hyde is NOT permanent law.

We shouldn’t have to fight every year to protect abortion access for women who are qualified for Medicaid. The EACH Woman Act would nullify the Hyde Amendment. This legislation restores abortion coverage for everyone who needs it, regardless of income level.

Let’s make this the year we get rid of the Hyde Amendment for good. Add your name now to support the EACH Woman Act.


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Support the EACH Woman Act to ensure that every person can access abortion care, no matter her income, where she lives, or what type of insurance she has.

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