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Tell the FCC: Keep the Internet Free

Update (7/17/2017): We delivered your comments to the FCC, urging Chairman Pai to reconsider dismantling net neutrality. Together we made our voices heard for an equitable and free internet.

The fight is not over as we wait for the FCC to respond to the comments. Sign the petition to the FCC now to save net neutrality.

A free and open internet is vital for our democracy and for our daily lives. But the Federal Communications Commission is considering a proposal that would let the wealthiest corporations run the web – and control the information we consume every day.

FCC Chairman Pai’s plan opens the way to pay-to-play “fast lanes” for those who can afford it – and slower connections for everyone else’s websites. Who wins? Big internet service providers like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T.

Who would lose? Users of the internet like students, small businesses, start-ups, and ordinary people like you.

It’s about the right to be heard and the right to hear others.

In 2015 millions demanded net neutrality protections and won. We can win again, and we must. Submit a comment to the FCC now to tell them you oppose Chairman Pai’s proposal to destroy net neutrality.

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49,866 Signed 50,000 Needed

To FCC Chairman Pai and Commissioners O’Rielly and Clyburn:

Do not reverse the 2015 rules that keep the internet open, free, and democratic for all. Any proposal that undermines net neutrality violates our freedoms of speech, expression, and inquiry and risks unfair discrimination against low-income communities and communities of color.

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