President Obama: Don't Let the CIA Censor the Torture Report

The CIA tortured people and its officials did not tell the truth.

We don’t have much time left.

The summary of the landmark Senate report detailing rampant CIA torture during the Bush years has finally made it to President Obama’s desk. But the White House has said that—incredibly—the CIA will take the lead in redacting that summary report before we can read it.

Do you notice a conflict of interest there? The CIA is the agency that tortured people, lied about it, and then even spied on the computers of the Senate committee staffers who were investigating it.

Our lawyers are confirming that the torture report summary will be released in a few weeks. And if it isn’t censored, the details in it could blow the lid off the vast extent of CIA brutality since September 11th. But if the CIA has its way, we may never know the full truth.

Sign the petition now calling on President Obama to stop the CIA from censoring the Senate’s torture report.

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President Obama:

The American people deserve to know what the CIA did in our names. The White House itself must lead the review and release of the Senate’s summary report on CIA torture without allowing the CIA to censor it.

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