Accountability for torture today is critical for stopping it tomorrow

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We filed a case on behalf of three torture victims against the two psychologists who designed and ran the CIA torture program during the Bush administration in violation of the law, their ethical obligations, and basic human decency. 

The CIA-contracted psychologists, James Mitchell and John “Bruce” Jessen, helped convince the agency to adopt torture as official policy, and they made millions of dollars doing it.

Holding these men accountable is important for our clients and all who believe that a medical professional’s ethical obligation requires them to “first, do no harm.” But even more must be done.

It’s time that we hold all those responsible for authorizing and overseeing the implementation of torture accountable. A special prosecutor is the most comprehensive way to do that.  

We can’t undo the damage that was done, but we can declare today that it won’t stand unexamined. Ask our Attorney General to appoint a special prosecutor.

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Attorney General:

Assign a special prosecutor to ensure that there is a full criminal investigation of the torture program, and into those responsible for authorizing and overseeing the implementation of torture.

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