Assault in schools? The math doesn't add up.

Student assaulted in South Carolina School

In Columbia, South Carolina, a video surfaced of a young Black student being attacked by a police officer at her school. Her crime? Not getting out of her chair.

It’s time to stop treating our young people like criminals. The South Carolina Richland 2 School District and the Richland County Sheriff’s Department must immediately:

1. End arrests for minor misbehavior, including placing a moratorium on arrests for “disturbing schools.” Minor offenses should be handled by educators, who must have adequate classroom management training.

2. Develop a written policy establishing that police are responsible for serious crimes - not minor incidents – and that arrest is a last resort. Make the policy public.

3. Ensure all Richland County SROs immediately receive high-quality training in youth development, non-violent conflict resolution, implicit bias, and interacting with students with disabilities. 

4. Release data publicly on the number of students arrested at school each year, with data broken down by offense, race, gender and disability status.

5. Reconsider the use of school resource officers, especially in schools where officers are handling minor incidents and/or behaving inappropriately.

Add your name to tell the Richland 2 Superintendent and the Richland County Sherriff to make serious changes to policing in schools.

15,997 Signed 20,000 Needed

To the South Carolina Richland 2 School District and the Richland County Sheriff's Department:

It's time to stop treating our young people like criminals. You must immediately: 1) end arrests for minor misbehavior and make discipline the responsibility of educators; 2) develop written policies clarifying that police intervene in serious crimes only; 3) ensure all Richland County SROs receive high-quality training; 4) release data on school arrests; and 5) reconsider the use of school resource officers.

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