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Repeal North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Law

Update (4/24): Last chance to add your name! We're delivering your signatures Monday, April 25th to Governor McCrory as legislators come back to session. Follow @ACLU to catch live tweeting of the delivery and updates from the rally outside the Governor's office!

In just 12 hours on March 23, North Carolina’s lawmakers passed and Governor Pat McCrory signed the most egregious, sweeping, hate-filled anti-LGBT legislation in this country’s history.

We have a chance to reverse this blatant discrimination when the North Carolina General Assembly starts a new legislative session in April.

This law – an unprecedented attack on LGBT rights – strips away discrimination protections for LGBT people across the state and mandates discrimination against transgender people. Can you be refused service in a store because of your sexual orientation? YES. Can you be turned away from a hotel on the basis of your gender identity? YES.

Is this what passes for governing in North Carolina? Overnight, Governor McCrory and lawmakers transformed North Carolina into one of the most hateful states in the nation for LGBT people. North Carolina’s law makes it public policy to harass, bully, humiliate, target, and punish LGBT people – especially transgender people just trying to use a bathroom.

This is intolerable. Governor McCrory must pressure the legislature to repeal this law.

Hurting LGBT people hurts all of us. Major corporations that provide jobs and revenue to the state –the NBA, American Airlines, Apple, and many others – condemned this attack on LGBT people. Investors are threatening to pull money. Activists are calling for a tourism boycott of the state. This law jeopardizes $4.5 billion in federal funding for education by conflicting with federal non-discrimination law. But the real cost is in the dignity, equality, and lives of the LGBT people affected.

Stand for the dignity, equality, and safety of all people. Sign and share this petition to tell Governor McCrory he must repeal this law.

45,679 Signed 50,000 Needed

To Governor Pat McCrory:

Repeal HB 2. This law is bad for North Carolina and for this country. Major corporations that provide jobs and revenue to the state are condemning this attack on LGBT people. This law jeopardizes the $4.5 billion in federal funding North Carolina receives for education. But the real cost is the safety, dignity, and lives of North Carolina’s LGBT people, especially transgender people. This state-sponsored bullying and discrimination of LGBT people is completely out of touch with North Carolina and American values.

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