Governor Heineman: Put Nebraska's Youth First

The following message is from Arthur Stewart, who was adopted as a child by two loving fathers, Greg and Stillman. Arthur is now a sophomore in college.

By the time I was seven, I had already been placed in 17 different foster homes. I was out of options until a loving gay couple, Greg and Stillman, gave me the family that I had dreamed of.

Greg and Stillman took me in as a foster kid and then adopted me when I was eight. If it hadn’t been for my two dads, I might have continued to bounce from home to home for years—without their love and support, I doubt I could have made it to college.

But in Nebraska, where we live now, gay and lesbian people are prevented from providing loving homes to kids who need them. Nebraska is one of only three states that still have this type of unfair ban. Today, my dads are helping the ACLU fight this ban in court—but we need to use every means possible to challenge this unfair policy, including public pressure.

Tell Governor Heineman to do what’s right for the children of Nebraska.

To Governor Dave Heineman:

Please put the well being of Nebraska's youth first and end the policy of excluding loving gay and lesbian parents from providing families for children in foster care.

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