Tell the FCC: Preserve Net Neutrality!

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UPDATE(11/10): President Obama just announced his support of net neutrality. After people sent nearly 4 million comments to the FCC—overwhelmingly in favor of net neutrality—Obama today urged the FCC to do everything it can to ensure a free and open Internet.

Obama presented a plan including no blocking or throttling internet access, no paid prioritization "fast lanes," and increased transparency. Now it’s up to the FCC to answer this call.

Let’s push the FCC to answer Obama’s call.

Have you ever received a notice like this?

Dear Customer,

Sorry your requested website is loading slowly—Sony Music Entertainment has purchased today’s hi-speed Comcast bandwidth and it seems you are not within their target demographic. To remedy this, please select a Miley Cyrus video to watch or try loading your New York Times article again tomorrow.

Well time is running out—if we don’t act now, we may start seeing this all the time.

That’s because a federal appeals court just struck down the FCC’s rules that until now have prevented Internet providers from blocking or slowing down some website content and speeding up other content.

In this unregulated environment, the Internet may quickly be sold to the highest bidder, chilling the free speech we now enjoy online.

The good news is that the court’s ruling left the door open for the FCC to fix all of this by reclassifying broadband Internet access as a telecommunications service.

Last month, we marched down to the FCC office with our friends at Free Press, Demand Progress, and dozens of other organizations to deliver more than 1 million petitions calling on the FCC to keep the Internet free from the heavy hand of profits and corporate objectives.

As a result, the FCC just took a major step toward new rules that would keep the Internet neutral. But, we need to make sure that they follow through.

We need to speak louder than corporate interests in this fight to preserve the democratic nature of the Internet itself. Sign the petition now calling on the FCC to do its job and preserve the openness of the Internet.

48,478 Signed 45,000 Needed

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler:

Following the appeals court decision, the Federal Communications Commission has the power to stop Internet providers from selling bandwidth to the highest bidder. Reclassify broadband Internet access as a telecommunications service and preserve net neutrality before it's too late.

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