This airline needs to learn some respect

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Passengers on a US Airways flight recently rallied around a blind man and his service dog, who were kicked off the plane, and got the same treatment for their trouble.

After a long delay on a US Airways flight, Albert Rizzi’s guide dog, Doxy, became restless being cramped under the seat in front of him. According to Rizzi and fellow passengers, a flight attendant insisted Doxy had to stay there or the plane would turn around. When Rizzi objected to the treatment of himself and Doxy, they were both kicked off the plane.

But in an inspiring show of unity, his fellow passengers demanded Rizzi and Doxy be let back on. Instead, the captain cancelled the whole flight, and all 35 of his fellow passengers left the plane to stand behind Rizzi.

By law, airlines are supposed be as accommodating as possible to people flying with service animals – removing the animal is only a last resort. Now US Airways is making matters worse by digging its heels in, insisting it did nothing wrong and refusing to apologize to Rizzi.

This story is already getting a lot of attention and next Wednesday is one of the biggest traveling days of the year. So let's join with Rizzi and his fellow passengers to pressure US Airways to change their ways and help make sure that all airlines treat people with disabilities with dignity and respect as they fly to see their loved ones this holiday season.

Stand with Rizzi and his fellow passengers: sign the petition urging US Airways to treat all passengers with disabilities with respect.

30,557 Signed 35,000 Needed

To US Airways:

"We urge you to apologize to Albert Rizzi, review your policies on the appropriate treatment of passengers with disabilities and their service animals, and ensure your staff is properly trained so that what happened to him never happens again."

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