Speakerphone, pills, pregnancy test, and stethoscope

Restore Our Rights: Reproductive Freedom NOW

Since Roe was overturned, abortion bans have gone into effect in states across the country, threats to medication abortion AND emergency abortion care are at risk at the Supreme Court – and even birth control and IVF are on the line. It's not a dystopian horror film, it's the very real result of anti-abortion activists and their extreme agendas at work.

But none of this reflects the will of the people: The majority of adults in America think abortion should be legal, and voters in this country have shown time and again that they don't want the government to make personal medical decisions for them. It's past time for Congress to take action and restore our rights: Join our campaign to urge your reps to pass federal legislation that safeguards our reproductive freedom – including abortion, birth control, AND IVF care.

ADD YOUR NAME: At a time when our right to bodily autonomy is under attack more than ever before, it is past time to pass legislation that safeguards access to reproductive health care nationwide — including abortion care, birth control, and IVF access.

I will not allow our reproductive freedom to be taken away by extreme politicians who want to control our bodies and important life decisions. That is why I am adding my name today and making it clear that we need leaders in Congress who will take action to restore our rights — and we'll remember who fights for our values this November.