Tell your legislators it’s time to reimagine policing in Vermont!


Vermonters want healthy, vibrant communities that support their needs – needs like health care, housing, childcare, education, and jobs. Instead, Vermont has prioritized investing in a punitive system that fails to deliver justice, spending more than $500 million annually on policing and prisons.

The result? Black and Brown residents are disproportionately stopped, searched, and imprisoned while the number of people killed by Vermont police increases every year. For too long, police have been allowed to police themselves, wielding enormous power with little meaningful oversight or accountability.

For these reasons, The ACLU of Vermont and over a dozen other organizations are calling on the legislature to adopt our ten-point action plan to reimagine policing in Vermont. With your help we can ensure Vermont is a state that prioritizes people and communities not policing and prisons.

Ask your legislators to support our plan to reimagine policing in Vermont.

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