Tell the Wisconsin State Legislature: It's past time to legalize cannabis

Wisconsin is falling behind our neighboring states. Michigan, Illinois & Minnesota all have legalized marijuana while Wisconsin continues to ban cannabis and lose out on millions of dollars as a result. Wisconsin residents spent 36.1 million dollars in Illinois last year on cannabis products. Meanwhile, estimates suggest that legalizing cannabis could bring in upwards of $150 million in tax revenue for the state. While we continue the vicious and costly cycle of outlawing and criminalizing marijuana possession, a Marquette Law School poll from last year found that 69 percent of registered voters in Wisconsin believe cannabis should be legal.

Governor Evers released his third biennial budget request, which again includes language to legalize medical and recreational marijuana in the state. The budget proposal would also reduce or repeal sentences of people with marijuana possession convictions that would be legal under the new legislation. The move would also improve racial equity, as Black people are more likely to suffer the consequences of marijuana possession. An ACLU report released in 2020 found that Black people are 4.2 times more likely than white people to be arrested for simple marijuana possession statewide.

Sign this petition and let the Wisconsin State Legislature's Joint Finance Committee know that the War on Drugs has failed, and so have these draconian policies on marijuana. Respect the people's will and keep the governor's request for marijuana reform in the budget.

Wisconsinites overwhelmingly support legalizing cannabis, but our state legislature continue to stand in the way of reform. As nearby states continue to make cannabis use legal, Wisconsin is still refusing to turn away from a failed War on Drugs era tactic that criminalizes people and costs us millions. Sign this petition if you think the Wisconsin State Legislature should support legalizing marijuana.