Stop the Trump Administration’s War on Birth Control

contraceptive devices

Donald Trump has opened the floodgates to discrimination in the name of religion with his so-called “religious freedom” executive order. We’ve seen the first wave – and it’s a direct attack on affordable contraception access.

A leaked draft rule threatens to gut the benefit that ensures all insurance plans cover birth control with no co-pay – all under the guise of religious “liberty.”

This Affordable Care Act benefit was meant to advance women’s health and equality. But the new rule proves once again that women’s health and equality are not on the Trump administration’s agenda.

Here are some lowlights:

  • The draft rule authorizes any employer to deny its employees contraceptive coverage if it has a religious or moral objection – not only religiously affiliated employers. It also allows universities to deny this coverage to their students.

  • The draft rule suggests women won’t suffer because they can still access contraception through safety-net programs like Title X and Medicaid – two programs that are currently under attack from Congress and the White House.

  • Language justifying the rule reveals the administration’s belief that even if contraception coverage furthers gender equality, that’s not a good enough reason to ensure that women get it.

The anti-women’s health vendetta mounted by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, Vice President Mike Pence, and their anti-women gang is a coordinated assault on our rights and liberties. This rule perverts the definition of religious liberty and disrupts progress toward gender equality.

We deserve better — and we’re going to have to fight for it.

To Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price:

Your draft rule to undermine the guarantee of contraceptive coverage in insurance plans is an assault on our constitutional rights. It perverts the definition of religious liberty and disrupts progress toward gender equality. Do not use religion as an excuse to discriminate against millions of Americans.