VICTORY! Protect Students from Anti-Transgender Bill

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Update 3/7: WE DID IT! We stood with Thomas Lewis, a transgender student in South Dakota's public school system, and transgender students and allies to convince Governor Dennis Daugaard to veto this hateful anti-transgender bill. This is an extraordinary victory that will slow the tide of anti-LGBT legislation threatening to sweep through the country. We won this fight - and we'll continue to stand with transgender people as they work to secure their rights and freedoms. Thank you for all you've done and continue to do!

The South Dakota state legislature just passed the country’s first anti-trans bill – an awful measure that ostracizes and bullies transgender students. If Governor Dennis Daugaard signs the bill into law, it could set a horrifying standard for the rest of the country to legislate hate.

We need to raise our voices and tell South Dakota’s governor that we won’t stand for hatred and bigotry in our schools.

H.B. 1008 would make transgender students use separate restrooms and locker rooms from everyone else – further singling out children who are already at high risk of harassment and isolation. South Dakota lawmakers are sending a message that it's okay to segregate, humiliate, and bully transgender students. They’re saying that transgender students should be kept away from other students, as if they're dangerous.

They’re not. They're children who go to school to learn.

Demand that Governor Daugaard veto this bill. Don’t let the South Dakota legislature's bile infect the rest of the country.

To Governor Dennis Daugaard:

Don’t legalize the harassment and bullying of transgender students. Veto H.B. 1008, a dangerous bill that harms South Dakota's children, wastes taxpayer dollars, and puts schools at risk of losing millions in federal funding.