Keep Religious Discrimination out of Texas

The Texas Legislature is considering a bill that would protect licensed professionals who choose to impose their religious beliefs on patients and clients. Senate Bill 17 (SB 17) would create a license to discriminate against virtually anyone – especially LGBT Texans – for religious reasons.

Here are a few examples of what SB 17 would allow:

  • The town pediatrician refuses to treat the child of a same-sex couple because the doctor believes same-sex marriage is wrong.
  • A pharmacist refuses to dispense contraception to an unmarried woman because he or she believes sex outside of marriage is immoral.
  • A family attorney refuses to work with clients who are in a same-sex marriage, have been previously divorced or are in an interfaith marriage because the attorney has religious objections.

Religious freedom is a founding value of our nation. But it doesn’t mean imposing our beliefs on others. If passed, SB 17 will damage the reputation of Texas, making the state appear unwelcoming and not valuing all who live here.

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