George Floyd Act

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The protests across the U.S. demanding justice for George Floyd — and countless other Black people who have been killed by police — have laid bare what we've known for too long: Policing in our country is deeply entrenched in racism and brutality, and we have to make changes to stop it.

That's why we need to pass each of the provisions of the Texas George Floyd Act which will implement sweeping solutions to policing in Texas. The bill aims to dismantle policies that shield officers from accountability. It will require officers to do what we expect of them like prevent crimes, even by other officers. It limits arrests for petty offenses like traffic violations. And it will limit use of force, especially lethal force, among other commonsense proposals.

These measures are the most urgent, impactful changes we can make as a state to protect communities from police harm.

If you're ready to fight for a world where Black Texans do not have to live in fear of the police, add your name today. We'll let your lawmakers know that you support the Texas George Floyd Act and share other crucial ways for you to get involved.

I pledge to support the George Floyd Act at the 87th Texas Legislature.