Photo: A crowd of people stand along a street in the Rio Grande Valley. Behind them is a restaurant and other businesses. They hold signs, one of which says "No Border Wall."

Pledge to fight for border communities

For decades, border communities have lived through militarization, surveillance, property seizures and environmental destruction. In the past few months, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has expanded its abusive behavior, using some of these tactics in major cities across the country as people protest racial injustice and the criminalization of Black and Brown communities.

Border communities are not testing grounds for policies that violate civil rights. They are thriving, resilient people and places that deserve respect.

It’s clear that our leaders are currently unwilling to check rogue agencies like the Department of Homeland Security and CBP, that left to their own devices will continue to disrupt life for communities along the border and beyond. No matter who wins the next presidential election, border communities need you to keep fighting for them. Add your name and pledge to keep fighting for the civil rights of border communities.

No matter who wins the presidential election, I pledge to fight for border communities.