Join the Fight for Reproductive Justice for All

In the wake of the Dobbs decision, despite more than half of Tennesseans supporting accessible abortion care, lawmakers and extremist anti-abortion special interest groups have only doubled down on creating cruel and medically unnecessary barriers to care, while refusing to address the many crises that Tennessee families are forced to navigate as they try to stay safe, healthy and together.

While the path will be long, we will restore our fundamental right to raise our families in safe and supportive communities and have access to comprehensive reproductive health care in Tennessee when we come together and hold our public officials accountable at the ballot box.

We need our state's voters, volunteers and all those who envision a Tennessee where we are free to make our own decisions, define our own path in life, and safely care for our families and communities to join with us in this fight.

Take the pledge to fight for Reproductive Justice for All and we'll be in touch with further opportunities to stay engaged in the fight to restore abortion access and secure reproductive justice in Tennessee.

I envision a Tennessee where all people are free to govern our own lives, our bodies and our futures, because communities thrive when everyone is empowered to make their own decisions to have and raise children in safe, healthy, supportive communities.

I will fight not only for access to safe abortion care in our state, but for comprehensive reproductive justice for all families who call Tennessee home.

I will use my voice to support systems that enable Tennessee families to stay safe, supported and together and will work to stop lawmakers from creating further undue burdens for folks who already face systemic barriers to care. I will take action to support policies that protect pregnant Tennesseans from poor health outcomes and I will advocate for bold solutions to address one of the highest Black maternal mortality rates in the country.

I am ready for reproductive justice in Tennessee, and I will join ACLU-TN and our partners across the state to fight for reproductive justice at the state capitol, in my community, and at the ballot box.