Be a voter pledge.

November's election is critical for civil liberties, racial justice, and the future of our democracy. Every eligible New Yorker must be a voter.

In recent years, together, we have pushed progress in New York. You have helped win reforms to the criminal legal system and police secrecy, limits on invasive and flawed surveillance, advances for reproductive health, protections for immigrants, and much more.

But we still have so far to go to in our fight for all New Yorkers – and forces are working against the gains we have made.

Do your part right now – pledge to be a voter, and vote your values of racial justice, gender equity, LGBTQ rights, and immigrants' rights..

We need to keep up our momentum in order to attack the racist roots of our police and incarceration systems, to bring equity to education, to safeguard LGBTQ communities, and ensure due process for immigrants.

Not only will we need to confront determined opposition to achieve this, but the pandemic and ballot access problems – which impact people of color, people with disabilities, and low-income communities the most – mean that voting is not going to be easy for everyone. It's going to take commitment and participation from all of us.

Take the pledge today and the NYCLU will follow up with you, help you make a voting plan, and provide you with ways to take action.

The outcome of November's election will depend on who casts a ballot. Help us push progress in New York by being as ready as possible before Election Day. Pledge to be a voter – now.

I pledge to be a voter this November and to make a plan to ensure my ballot is cast and counted.