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Sign Your Name to Support Same-Day Voter Registration

Sponsored by Representative Sherry Dorsey Walker, House Bill 25, the same-day voter registration bill, would allow voters to register on election day for presidential primary, primary, special, and general elections.

Same-Day Registration (SDR) eliminates the need for advance registration by permitting an eligible voter to register and cast a ballot at the same time on Election Day or during an early voting period. By combining registration and voting, same-day registration streamlines the voting process, eases the burden on voters, and increases voter participation.

Help us prepare for the fight to pass HB 25 in the 2022 legislative session: Sign this petition to show your support!

Learn more about the Delaware Voting Rights Coalition and our effort to pass HB 25 by visiting our website.

Members of the General Assembly,

We urge you to pass HB 25, the same-day voter registration bill, when you return to legislative session in January 2022.

Delaware currently makes voters register 25 days before an election, one of the longest deadlines allowed by federal law. It’s past time to modernize Delaware’s voter registration system and remove unnecessary barriers to voting so we can catch up to the 21 other states that permit some form of same-day registration.

Please stand with Delaware voters and support HB 25 when you return to session in January.