Trump's Voting Commission is a Sham

Trump's voting commission is a sham

President Trump has just established a “Presidential Commission on Election Integrity.” But this commission will have no integrity if its vice-chair is Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State and the king of voter suppression.

The ACLU has sued Kobach four times on voter suppression – and won every case. The problem we have in this country isn’t voter fraud – it’s voter suppression. And on that front, Kobach is Public Enemy #1.

Kobach disenfranchised 18,000 Kansas voters when he required them to show birth certificates or passports in order to vote, in violation of the federal motor-voter law. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit issued a unanimous opinion – by George W. Bush-appointee Judge Jerome Holmes – that this was a “mass denial of a fundamental constitutional right.”

It’s not surprising that the Trump administration wants Kobach to lead this commission. Both Kobach and Trump have repeatedly dealt in lies about “illegal voting.” We’ve seen this before – throughout our history, politicians have used propaganda about illegal voting to create unnecessary restrictions on the right to vote. And we know who this hurts – people of color, young people, first-time voters, low-income voters.

No matter how much they lie, they can’t change the facts. Voter suppression is the real threat to election integrity. But that’s not a problem that any commission led by Kris Kobach is equipped to address.

Join the call to remove Kris Kobach from the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity – add your name now.

To Vice President Pence:

Remove Kris Kobach from the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity. Secretary Kobach’s record on voter suppression disqualifies him from participating in any credible commission.