Say NO to Trump's Border Wall

President Trump's border wall

On day one, President Biden rescinded Trump’s phony national emergency declaration and halted further border wall construction. Soon after, he asked the Supreme Court to delay arguments in the ACLU’s lawsuit against the border wall. Our clients in this litigation, the Sierra Club and the Southern Border Communities Coalition, have members who live in, protect, and treasure the lands that the Trump administration targeted for construction.

Now that so much unlawful wall has already been built, just hitting the brakes isn’t enough. Trump’s wall devastated border communities, the environment, and tribal sites. Biden must show up for border communities – and our nation – by committing to mitigating environmental damage and tearing down the wall.

If this isn't the country we want to be, then now is the time to be loud about it: Sign the petition to say NO to Trump's border wall.

To President Joe Biden:

Tear down Trump’s illegal border wall.