VICTORY! People should be safe in their own homes

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Update (9/14/16): Victory! HUD Secretary Julián Castro heard us and took action! The Secretary issued final regulations on the Violence Against Women Act – a key step to increasing protections for domestic violence survivors. This comes after HUD released critical guidance on nuisance ordinances and issued regulations to evaluate sexual harassment claims under the Fair Housing Act.

We know there is much more to do to keep vulnerable women and domestic violence survivors safe at home. We'll keep you posted on our next actions.

Too many women are unsafe in their homes. Our government must do its part to protect domestic violence survivors from even more harm. And with only a few months left in the Obama administration, the time to act is NOW.

Vulnerable women trying to rebuild their lives face a barrage of obstacles and potential harms. From eviction to housing denials to sexual harassment by landlords and building managers, the odds of staying safe are steep.

“Nuisance ordinances” around the country even punish crime victims in need of emergency services with the threat of eviction. It doesn’t matter if you’re a victim of domestic abuse – too many 911 calls can put you on the street.

Make your voice heard: Call on Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro to take action to keep victims of gender-based violence safe in their homes.

To the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development:

Too many women are unsafe in their own homes. Do your part to protect women from harm. You must: issue guidance on nuisance ordinances to ensure crime victims can access emergency services without fear of retaliation, implement the housing protections in the Violence Against Women Act, and ensure protection from sexual harassment under the Fair Housing Act.