Repeal Trump's Anti-Immigrant Bans

People of all backgrounds standing in front of the Statue of Liberty

Even though President Biden rescinded the Muslim ban on day one of his presidency – acknowledging that it was one of the most harmful, discriminatory actions of the Trump administration – the presidential authority abused to issue his bans is still in place. We must put stricter standards in place to ensure that future presidents cannot discriminate using this authority ever again.

The NO BAN Act would do just that. The bill makes necessary reforms to immigration law to set a higher standard for the use of this authority and prevent future discriminatory bans. It passed in the House of Representatives last year, and has already been introduced in the new Congress as a priority to ensure that we do not repeat history yet again.

As much of the country remembers, one of Trump's first acts in office was to fulfill his campaign promise to ban Muslims from entering the United States, by issuing an executive order banning the entry of people from certain Muslim-majority countries. People around the country and members of Congress flooded airports in outrage, awaiting the release of those detained. Though the Trump administration attempted to justify its discrimination repeatedly, Trump couldn't hide his true agenda: to exclude large numbers of Black and Brown people from coming to the United States.

We cannot ever again ban Black and Brown immigrants, including Muslims, from this country. For four years, these bans tore apart the fabric of our communities. They crushed the dreams of families who are separated, people seeking life-saving health care treatment, and those pursuing educational and career opportunities — people who are still trying to pick up the pieces and achieve these dreams today.

Now is the time to raise our voices and make clear that we will never go back: Let’s ensure that no president can ever use rank prejudice to discriminate against Black and Brown people attempting to come to the U.S. again. Add your name demanding that Congress pass the NO BAN Act without further changes.

To Members of Congress:

I'm calling on you to co-sponsor and pass the NO BAN Act, to ensure that future presidents cannot use rank prejudice to enact discriminatory bans, like the Muslim ban, which ultimately targeted people from numerous African countries.