Release the Mueller Report

Release the Mueller Report

Update 3/25/19: The Justice Department has released a summary of the Russia investigation, but it was not the full Mueller report. If you believe that government business should be conducted in the light of day, add your name now demanding that Mueller's report be made public.

The American people have a right to know if President Trump and his associates coordinated with Russia to interfere in our elections. And we need the facts about any attempt to interfere with the Special Counsel’s investigation.

Elected officials work for the people, and we deserve to see government business conducted in daylight. This vitally important report must be released.

Sign our petition now urging the Justice Department to release the report to the public.

To the Department of Justice:

I am joining people from every corner of the nation to demand the release of Special Counsel Mueller’s report on the Russia investigation. We call on the Department of Justice to release the report swiftly, after minimally redacting any information that is properly withheld.

And if the Department of Justice fails to act, we call on Congress to use its subpoena power to make it happen.