Texans with raised fists protest abortion bans

Protect Texans’ Right To Travel for Abortion Care

First they banned abortion in Texas. Now they're trying to stop Texans from getting abortion care out of state.

The proportion of patients traveling to other states to obtain abortion care has doubled since Roe v. Wade was overturned. That's why anti-abortion extremists have launched yet another attack on our reproductive rights. We can't let them.

Abortion travel bans not only make it much more difficult for individuals to get abortion care, which has life-threatening implications, but they also aim to sow confusion and instill fear. Low-income families, minors, undocumented Texans, and people in abusive relationships bear the greatest burden.

Like Texas' complete ban on abortion, these abortion travel bans don't directly target pregnant individuals, but rather threaten anyone helping someone use county roads to get an abortion anywhere outside of Texas.

Texans have successfully organized to stop a number of these proposed bans. Our voices matter.

Take action now by adding your name to our petition – and pressure your local elected officials to oppose abortion travel bans.

No matter our race or gender, every person has the right to make decisions about our own bodies and lives. I’m joining Texans across the state in calling on elected officials to oppose abortion travel bans.