Congress: All Workers Need Paid Family Leave

Two parents and a baby on the pink background with red equal signs

The vast majority of people in this country lack paid family leave through their jobs. That means that when health issues inevitably arise, it can force people to make an impossible choice between caring for themselves and their family – or keeping their jobs.

That’s why Congress must pass the FAMILY Act now. This bill would provide all workers—regardless of age, gender, or income level – with up to 12 weeks of partial income when they need to take family or medical leave.

Many people who take family or medical leave do so to care for family members with serious illnesses, injuries or disabilities. But the accessibility of paid leave is unequal: The vast majority of low wage workers do not have paid leave through their jobs, while high-income individuals often do. This disparity can exacerbate systemic issues, from racism to sexism to the marginalization of formerly incarcerated people. The FAMILY Act would close that gap and ensure that all workers get the care they need.

With support from voters across party lines, it’s time to pass the FAMILY Act and make sure every worker gets the care they deserve. Sign the petition now.

To Congress:

Pass the FAMILY Act now: Workers must be able to take the time they need to address serious health and caregiving concerns without risking their lives and livelihoods.