Incarceration should not be a death sentence in Oregon

COVID-19 has already been spreading among inmates and staffers in Oregon. If these outbreaks continue to grow – as public health experts warn they will unless the density is dramatically reduced – local communities could be hit with high numbers of serious cases at once, overwhelming medical resources, especially in rural communities where most Oregon prisons are located.

Our public safety system is skilled and experienced at safely transitioning people out of prison, but we must take action now.

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We're concerned for the health of people who are incarcerated, and the people who work in Oregon's facilities and their families and communities who are at risk of being exposed to COVID-19.

Our state prisons are overcrowded, making social distancing impossible. We must reduce Oregon's prison population by safely transitioning people out of prison, especially those whose sentences are nearly complete, people who are medically vulnerable, and elderly people.

Please listen to public health experts and safely reduce the number of people in Oregon's prisons to protect the health of us all.