2020 is not just about the election: with the next census being conducted, that means new districts will be drawn for state and federal offices. These lines are quite literally the borders that surround a district, and a lot is at stake: sometimes, they’re tailor-made with a specific party or politician in mind.

In order to prevent this illegal practice, called gerrymandering, we must ensure that the districts are fairly and justly drawn.

Luckily, there’s a bill going through the state legislature to do just that. House Bill 706 would create an Independent Redistricting Commission to draw lines that don’t favor one party over the other. The commission would be made up of democrats, republicans, and undeclared voters — and would disallow politicians from serving as members.

These lines only get drawn every ten years, so it’s time to act now to ensure that this time around, it’s done right.

Granite State lawmakers have a chance this year to rise above party and ensure that our elections remain fair and impartial.

It’s time for New Hampshire to ensure that when we draw new districts, we do it the right way.

Sign this petition and urge your lawmakers to support fairly drawn lines in 2020!