Tell the Dakota County Sheriff to End the Contract with ICE

Our inhumane federal immigration policy is creating more horrific conditions by the day for thousands of families throughout the country. Immigrants right here in Nebraska are suffering from racial profiling brought about by an immigration enforcement program in Dakota County, including South Sioux City, which has a population approximately 40% Latinx.

Dakota County Sheriff Kleinberg entered into a federal 287(g) agreement last year. This agreement gives local police authority to be Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents and target people who look or sound "like immigrants," in order to interrogate them about their immigration status. He just renewed the program for another year.

These 287(g) agreements deputize a Nebraska sheriff's office in deportation practices that increasingly target immigrants with deeply rooted lives in the United States—people who have built families, careers, businesses, and communities in our country over many years, sometimes decades. Our state's law enforcement should not lend its resources to these efforts. 287(g) does nothing to improve public safety or protect a community, and they betray the best of this nation’s values.

Dear Sheriff Kleinberg,

We urge you to end this misguided federal 287(g) immigration enforcement program. It undermines community trust in law enforcement, making some community members much less likely to call the police to provide tips, report crimes and seek protection. In turn, everyone’s safety is affected.

287(g) does nothing to improve public safety or protect a community, and risks needless civil rights violations, racial profiling and harassment of immigrants and Nebraskans of color. Further, the program diverts scarce tax-funded resources from traditional local law enforcement functions and is not a proper use of local taxpayer funds.

We urge you to do the right thing for your community and our state and end 287(g) now.