Keep Hate Out of Our School Sports

Nebraskans agree that high school activities and athletic events should be a place where being a good sport is the common standard and where students of all backgrounds are treated with respect.

Disappointingly, hateful and racist taunts have been repeatedly directed towards students of color at several recent school-sponsored athletic events.

Comments such as "go back to where you came from" and chants of "build the wall" have been directed at Latinx students in Lexington. Racist remarks resulted in a physical altercation following a girls’ basketball game between Lincoln High and Fremont High Schools.

The ACLU of Nebraska is pushing for change with the Immigrant Legal Center, Latino American Commission, LasVoces Grand Island, LasVoces Lincoln, Lincoln Commission on Human Rights, Stand in for Lincoln and the Trinidad Center.

Sign our petition to tell the Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA) to make school athletic events safer and more welcoming for everyone by collecting data on racist incidents taking place across the state, ensuring penalties are applied to teams repeatedly participating in this kind of conduct, and establishing a public complaint process for people who witness concerning behavior.

We the People means all of us. Let’s make sure all kids feel safe stepping onto the court, field, or track.

To the Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA):

I am concerned about hateful and racist comments and actions at athletic events governed by your organization. All students deserve to feel safe and welcome when they compete.

Please take action to address these incidents by:

  1. collecting data specifically on racist incidents;
  2. ensuring penalties are applied to teams that repeatedly participate in this conduct; and
  3. establishing a public complaint process for people who witness concerning behavior at athletic events, such as parents or guardians.

Our community has shown incredible support to students targeted by these hateful comments, but we don’t want it to stop there. We want to make it clear that hate has no home in our state.

Please establish these basic safeguards to protect the rights of all students.