Hattiesburg Needs Non-Discrimination Protections

Leadership at the state level has made clear that not everyone deserves equal rights. Hattiesburg can send another message and say all its residents will be treated with dignity and fairness.

The reality is that in Hattiesburg and other places without local non-discrimination ordinances, residents can be fired from their job, evicted from their homes, or denied service at a business because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. With no state-level civil rights protections, it is important now more than ever to secure these protections on the local level.

By signing this petition, you are telling city leaders in Hattiesburg that now is the time to enact a non-discrimination ordinance that protects all Hattiesburg residents.

True hospitality sees everyone as equal. Tell your city councilperson that We Are All Mississippi and that Hattiesburg needs a non-discrimination ordinance now.