Governor Parson must call a special session on Police Reform and Accountability.

While states across the country are addressing systemic racism and police brutality, Missouri is attempting to sweep the problem under the rug and ignore the voices of Missouri’s most vulnerable who have, for decades, been calling for reform.

To address violent crime in our communities, we must reimagine policing; the tired old broken windows policies have proven ineffective and deadly.

Tell Governor Parson he must call a special session to:

  • demilitarize police;
  • ban chokeholds and no-knock warrants;
  • hold violent officers accountable;
  • establish a duty to intervene;
  • require independent investigations of officer-involved deaths; and
  • put money into mental health and addiction services.

And a host of other reforms that will protect Missourians from civil rights violations at the hands of law enforcement.

Tell Governor Parson to hold a special session to address Police Reform. Holding a special session on crime and not police reform will only further divide Missouri and will not decrease violence.