Protect Missourians from discrimination and workplace abuse

Join organizations and businesses that believe SB 43 and SB 45 are wrong for Missouri by signing this petition.

We need to keep Missouri competitive, not keep people away. These bills reduce protections for Missouri’s workers, undermine our nation’s most basic civil rights and reward wrongdoing by dismantling whistleblower protections.

Sign our petition and let politicians know that discrimination is wrong.

Dear Gov. Eric Greitens and Missouri General Assembly,

We ask that you reject SB 43 and SB 45. We need to keep Missouri competitive, not keep people away.

States such as North Carolina and Indiana have lost millions of dollars after enacting discriminatory legislation. Missouri’s elected officials should focus on developing the state’s economy, not reducing our ability to compete. 

SB 43 reduces protections for Missouri’s workers.

It makes Missourians more vulnerable to discrimination at the workplace.  Making discrimination cases more difficult to prove than in federal court only hurts hard-working Missourians, who should be protected from hostile workplaces filled with discrimination and abuse.  This bill undermines our nation’s most basic civil rights protections.

SB 43 rewards wrongdoing by dismantling whistleblower protections.

Employers can engage in unlawful discrimination with little fear of consequence with SB 43. It silences victims of workplace abuse. It eliminates personal accountability by shielding those engaging in wrongdoing. SB 43 sends the message that ethics and integrity in business don’t matter in our state.

SB 45 also reduces protections for hard-working Missourians by locking those involved in harassment lawsuits into closed arbitration agreements. These arbitration courts keep the public in the dark about workplace abuse. SB 45 discourages personal accountability for wrongdoers by allowing them to remain in the shadows and not responsible for their actions.

Dangerous bills like SB 43 and SB 45 show the world that Missouri is not a welcoming place to live, work and thrive.

Let’s show the world that the Show-Me state is a place where all businesses can succeed. Reject SB 43 and SB45.