Tell Governor Parson You Support Clemency For Bobby Bostic

Dear Governor Parson,

I am calling on you to show grace and grant Bobby Bostic clemency. Bobby's 241-year sentence is unconstitutional, unnecessary, and cruel. Judge Baker, who originally sentenced Bobby, stated, "I can say with conviction that Bobby deserves clemency."

Bobby does not deserve to die in prison for a crime he committed at the age of 16. As State Representative Nick Schroer has pointed out, "It is noteworthy to mention that zero of these victims from that one night have indicated that they are against Mr. Bostic being granted clemency or parole."

Bobby has spent his time in prison, working to better himself through writing and education. He deserves a second chance to become a productive and contributing member of Missouri, and he deserves a second chance.

I ask you to do what is right and grant Bobby Bostic clemency.