Missouri Legislators: Must focus on COVID-19 response- Governing in the dark is unacceptable!

As your constituent, I demand that you focus solely on the budget and legislation pertaining directly to the COVID-19 pandemic. This week, I have seen you in action. Stacking bills together with no public feedback and claiming to have heard our voices when we aren’t even welcome in the building.

Our government should be focused on responses to the pandemic. Your priorities are not. Our government should be transparent. This process is not.

On April 28, the House Committee on Regulatory Oversight and Reform turned a one-page crime bill into a 112 page piece of legislation. This is not transparent. It is not responsive to our current needs and it must stop.

On April 29, the Senate passed HB 1450, which started as a five-page piece of legislation and now is over 40. It marks a significant, problematic shift in our criminal justice system and it does not relate to COVID-19. This is not government by the people.

On April 30, the legislature had a committee hearing on a measure to overturn CLEAN Missouri. This is not part of a COVID-19 response.

Right now, our government discourages us from coming to the capitol while passing legislation that has little to do with the crisis that keeps us at home.

We are being responsible and keeping our distance, I, as your constituent, demand that you do the same and focus on the bills that matter to protect the public health of Missourians during a pandemic.

You do not have my support to govern in the dark.

While the Missouri Legislature meets during COVID-19 they must be focused on the budget, direct response to the pandemic, and not the misplaced priorities of passing egregious legislation through cover of darkness. As we all fight to contain COVID-19, our democracy must be transparent and helpful, not subversive and divisive.