Let Minnesota County Attorneys Know You Care About Criminal Justice Reform

County attorneys are some of the most powerful people in the criminal justice system. They decide who gets criminal charges filed against them, the severity of those charges, or if charges get filed at all. County attorneys can contribute to increases in incarceration and exacerbate racial inequities in our justice system, or they can be agents for criminal justice reform.

And you get to vote for them.

In July, we sent a survey to county attorney candidates across the state of Minnesota asking their opinions on various criminal justice reforms. We sent over 100 questionnaires but only a handful were returned. You have a right to know where your county attorney candidates stand on criminal justice issues like mass incarceration, cash bail, racial inequity, and more. 

So far, we have received completed surveys from the following candidates:

  • Chippewa County Attorney candidate Krystal Lynne
  • Hennepin County Attorney candidate Michael Freeman
  • Hennepin County Attorney candidate Mark Haase
  • Itasca County Attorney candidate Ellen Tholen
  • Nicollet County Attorney candidate Michelle Zehnder Fischer
  • Nicollet County Attorney candidate Elizabeth Levine
  • Renville County Attorney candidate David Torgelson

Sign the petition below to let YOUR county attorney candidate know that you care about criminal justice reform. If your county attorney filled out the survey, we'll tell them you said thanks! If not, we'll inform them that you want to see their response to our criminal justice questionnaire. 

We'll post the questionnaires on our Campaign for Smart Justice website this September!

Dear County Attorney:

You play a HUGE role in addressing incarceration rates and racial inequities in our criminal justice system here in Minnesota. As a constituent, I care about criminal justice reforms. It is important for me to know where you stand on criminal justice issues, including mass incarceration, racial justice, juvenile justice reforms, and more. If you have already filled out the ACLU of Minnesota Campaign for Smart Justice questionnairethank you! I can't wait to learn more about your commitment to criminal justice reform. 

If you haven'tI am asking that you submit your questionnaire ASAP. As an elected official, it is important for community members like myself to know where you stand on criminal justice reform issues.

Together, we can work towards a more just, safe, and equitable criminal justice system.