No government should experiment with human life

Lethal injection

We still don't know where the drugs came from.

We know the combination was experimental. And now we know that instead of working, the drugs took nearly two hours to kill Joseph Wood, as he snorted and gasped for air 660 times.

This latest in a string of botched executions took place in Arizona on July 23rd. In April, Oklahoma botched the execution of Clayton Lockett who writhed in pain for over 45 minutes while the state tried to kill him.

It's time to ask the question: How is it possible that, in 2014, state after state is utterly failing at lethal injection? How can it be, given modern medicine, that it could take hours instead of minutes for states to kill someone?

Lethal injection is not modern medicine. Executioners do not have proper training, leading to some prisoners being conscious but paralyzed as they slowly asphyxiate. States are fumbling to find drugs, concocting different combinations every time. And these killing experiments are being carried out in secrecy. We still don't know what went wrong.

Transparency would mean: Disclose where the drugs are coming from. Tell the public the name and manufacturer of the drug. Prove that the drugs haven't expired and are FDA approved. And prove that the executioners are medically qualified to administer the drugs.

We need a nationwide suspension of executions. Call on governors and other decision makers to put a stop to all executions till these states can provide greater transparency and accountability.

Governors and other decision-makers in states that carry out executions:

Suspend all executions in your state till there is transparency and accountability around lethal injections.