Let Women Wrestle

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The National Collegiate Wrestling Association (NCWA) is discriminating against women and violating its legal obligations by blocking star wrestler Marina Goocher from competing because of her gender.

There are no women in Marina’s conference region this year - and since the NCWA is saying she can’t compete against men, this means that Marina has to sit out the 2017 season.

The NCWA’s rule is based on antiquated gender stereotypes, including assumptions about differences in strength between male and female athletes and outdated notions about the appropriateness of physical contact between men and women.

The courts have consistently struck down policies excluding women athletes based on gender stereotypes. Judges have held that women should be given equal opportunity to participate in athletics, including contact sports like wrestling, even if there are no women’s teams.

Moreover, numerous prominent women athletes have successfully wrestled on men’s college teams and competed alongside their teammates, many of them beating their male opponents.

Marina won more than 100 matches against boys during her high school career. The coach and wrestlers at Marina’s university – all of whom are men – want her to compete on their team because they know she can help them win. She’s talented and dedicated, and she deserves to be able to compete in the sport she loves.

Join us in telling the NCWA to update its antiquated, gendered rules and stop denying Marina Goocher her right to compete in wrestling this season.

To the National Collegiate Wrestling Association:

Update your antiquated, gendered rules and let Marina Goocher compete in the sport she loves this year. Your policy denying women the right to compete against men is unfair and discriminatory against women.